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How to Get Rid of Bugs

The repellant isn’t working, the sprays are useless, and you can’t keep stepping on every bug you see! Somehow the bugs keep coming into your home, and you are probably at your wit’s end. There are a few more methods you can try to keep the bugs from scurrying into your home, so before you up and move, try these methods.

First, you can use essential oils for residential tick control silver spring. Aside from making your home smell wonderful and being easy to buy and dilute, they provide enough of an odor to keep bugs far away. Take whatever oil you like best, and sprinkle a little of it around doors and windows. Once the oil is around the entrance, the bugs won’t be coming back!

Use Traps

While people might connect traps to bigger animals like mice, insects can be trapped too. Sticky traps or flypaper can be a great boon to anyone looking to stop the wandering bugs. They typically use scent or colors to draw the insects in, and then once they walk on them, they are trapped.

You can leave the traps out for a few days, and once they’ve collected enough bugs, you can dispose of them.

Use Poison

This one might not be ideal if you have young kids or pets, but typically insects come into your home looking for food. Using poisoned pellets or other crumbs, you can make ants and scavengers bring the poison to their nest.

Once they eat it, then they will slowly begin to die out, and your problem will be solved!

Figure Out What Works for You

residential tick control silver spring

Do a little research, since different bugs will respond to different traps, and then get things set up. After a bit of trial and error, your pest problem should die down, and you’ll have your home back again!

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