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Why Do Lights Flicker & Blink?

As houses get older, problems begin to surface that leave you puzzled. One common thing many homeowners notice over the years is that lights begin to flicker or blink unexpectedly. This can be for several reasons, which a electrical professional can determine during a home assessment. These experts know exactly how to pinpoint problems in the home’s electrical system and remedy them. Let’s explore some of the issues that are often at the root of flickering and blinking lights.

Bulb problems

If a single light or fixture in the home is flickering, the first thing to do is check that the bulb is properly screwed in and tight. While this may seem simple, bulbs can loosen over time and begin flickering when their connection to the socket is lost. Flickering can also be due to the type of bulb, as fluorescent bulbs flicker when appliances are powering on or when temperatures drop. LED lights tend to flicker when dimmer switches are connected to them, as these switches may not be compatible with LED lights with lower voltages.

Overloaded Circuits

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If several lights in the home flicker or dim when electrical appliances power on, such as a washing machine, you may have an overloaded circuit. When this occurs, it means that appliances and operations are using more power than your home is equipped to handle. This may not be something to worry about if it happens infrequently or only when a large appliance turns on, but consistent flickering needs to be addressed by a licensed electrician fresno tx professional as soon as possible.

Flickering lights in the home can be caused by several things, but two of the most common reasons involve light bulbs themselves or circuits being overloaded. If you’re worried about your home’s electrical system, speak with an electrician to get assistance.

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